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Paradigm is science-based culture brand development and optimization system that’s based on the simple, powerful and proven principal:

Truly great brands are built from within, driven by authenticity and inspired by employee and customer-centric cultures.

Truelio Paradigm


For decades, companies have aspired to create dynamic and genuine brands that deliver memorable experiences and customer trust. Paradigm was precisely developed to meet this complex goals. Its archetypal-based methodology uniquely blends culture, science and art to deliver an emotionally driven and authentic brand identity. Unlike traditional rebrand approaches, Paradigm’s time-tested methodology uses a balance of quantitative and qualitative analysis to discover a company’s true self and the employee beliefs and behaviors that drive its brand and customer experience.

The Paradigm Brand Development Methodology:
The Merging of Culture, Science and Art


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An enhanced brand identity that authentically aligns with your culture, mission, vision and values.
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A heightened customer and employee experience.
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A collaborative, science-based brand transformation process that aligns your Marketing team’s goals with your Human Resource department’s priorities.
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A culture-based brand strategy that serves as a roadmap to delivering a consistent, genuine and vibrant brand experience.


Paradigm implementation
  1. Paradigm Culture + Brand Assessment: The framework to clearly understanding your corporate culture. A 12-minute employee survey and proprietary algorithm designed to identity your key cultural attributes, patterns, strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Paradigm Archetypal Brand + Culture Analysis: Understanding your organization culture and archetypal DNA. An overview of archetypal branding, detailed analysis of your assessment output and initial identification of your primary, secondary and trailing archetypes.
  1. Paradigm Workshop: Identification of your archetypal makeup
    A collaborative discussion pinpointing your archetypal makeup based on your assessment findings and analysis.
  2. Science-Based Culture and Brand Identity Mapping: The merging of art and science
    Development of your culture and brand identity based on behavior science data mapping and the application of art and design practices.