Hey guys, now that we have an ability to toggle audio, it a whole new game for our intro website video. By some studies it will extend the length of watch and focus by over 100%, so 1 min video is no longer TOO LONG and we should treat it as a more valuable resource.

BUT… the current v11 video from Vinny has the following flaws:

  1. Intro skydiver gets cut early on screen and everybody loves that guy, they want more of him + as he is cut on some screen resolutions you only see his legs before clip switches

  2. Original beat is too JARRING! Not only Vinny turned the volume to the max that makes up for a lot of the shock and the beat itself it too fast going when for a prolonged time. It might’ve been okay for our reveal but for a web presentation we need to make adjustments or change it. While getting lunch, I asked 3 people to view the video and turn on sound on my phone. I watched two out of three turn it on and spring back from phones speaker closely followed by turning the sound back off with the same button. They didn’t want to try to lover the volume or watch the rest of the video after that.

  3. There is a 1 second black screen flashing when logo is presented at the end – distracting


I will take you thru what can be done to fix these issues and even possibly make the video watching experience even more interesting:


In this version I have added more of the skydiver from the previous video, lowered the volume of the original beat, created an intro beat, and got rid of the black screen flash at the end.


I this video I take it further by changing the original beat onto another interesting one, smoothing out clip transitions and matching some of the clip changes to the beat itself.


In this version I take it even further by not only finding and implementing an alternative, innovative beat but also matching clips to the beat and add additional effects to make the experience more exciting.