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Meridian Brick

Vertical: Building Supplies Manufacturing

Before Meridian Brick, there was Boral Bricks and Forterra Brick, two competitors on a course to join forces and become one of the nation’s largest decorative masonry suppliers. Boral was a legacy client, for whom we’d been conducting analytics reporting, SEO, and paid media account management. When the two merged, they asked us to come along for the ride and expand our involvement with their newly minted brand. We started at day zero, and over the next five years, helped the organization build a successful marketing empire brick by brick.

Above & Beyond Results

Web Traffic


 in the first-year post-launch due specifically to organic, direct, social and paid channels.

Cost per lead


post-campaign optimization

Conversion Rates


via find a dealer, click to call, downloads and form fills

What We Did

Research and Analysis
• Heat mapping
• Scroll tracking
• Session recording
• Google analytics content
• Engagement reporting

Creative Solutions and Marketing
• Web design
• Web development
• Campaign development & execution
• Google Pay-Per-Click & Display Ads
• Retargeting
• Geofencing
• Analytics

What are they great at? So many things. They’re great at just getting stuff done and helping us evolve. They’ve helped us get our brand to where it is today. They are absolutely an extension of our team.

Alexis H.Strategic Accounts Manager,
Meridian Brick

The Challenge

Despite its behind-the-scenes legacy, Meridian was entirely unknown when it hit the market in 2015, with a cobbled together site that didn’t offer visitors much help in finding the inspiration or masonry products they dreamed of for their or their clients’ homes. The company needed both eyeballs and a strategic path to lead buyers down, from pondering their upcoming project to discovering the brand, getting inspired and excited about the possibilities, to reaching out to make a purchase.


Our Strategy

We used a combination of deep research and analysis to build a case for a new approach to Meridian’s digital design, mining their current site’s sessions to understand how buyers moved through the experience, where they succeeded in finding what they needed, and where the site failed them with confusing interfaces or pathways.

Our toolbox included:
• Heat mapping
• Scroll tracking
• Session recording
• Google analytics content engagement reporting

Web Design
& Development

Our research told us that Meridian’s original site caused a bit of confusion: builders and architects had a hard time finding info that pertained to them; home-owning DIYers experienced the same. So during the design process we worked with the client to create a self-selecting experience early in the user journey. Once a visitor identified as Homeowner, Builder, Architect, or told us they were looking for inspiration or specific products, an contextually relevant journey unfolded around them.

Meridian Web Design


We transformed audience behavior research into active campaigns through Google Pay-Per-Click and Display ads, as well as retargeting and geofencing that corralled audiences from homeowners to architects and builders into the Meridian site and kept them clicking. We ultimately found that while national, brand-focused advertising was great for boosting overall site activity, locally focused campaigns (with regional architecture and locally relevant copy) created more high-value in-store visits from ready-to-buy customers. We knew because of some smart tracking we’d implemented: we logged store visits of mobile devices which received impressions from ad campaigns.