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Potomac Financial Group

Vertical: Wealth Management / Financial Services

Founded in 1973, Potomac Financial Group (PFG) is as a premier wealth management firm and has grown to be one of the region’s most trusted financial planning firms through its innovative financial solutions and commitment to exemplary client care. In the spring of 2017, we partnered with PFG to create a new brand that not only reflected their client-centric philosophy but also connected with their regional clientele. Over the next several years including present we continue to serve them as their partner and provide a broad suite of brand and marketing services and support.

Above & Beyond Results

Online Experience


Print Design


Web Traffic


Since the rebranding, yearly website traffic has almost tripled from 5k to 14.7K users per year.

Solutions Provided

  • Brand Assessment
  • Archetypal Mapping
  • Logo
  • Tagline
  • Advertising
  • Corporate Statements
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Event Support
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Public/Press Relations
  • Website Development
  • Promotional Merchandise
  • Business Development
  • Corporate Newsletter
Potomac Designed Collateral

The Challenge

With a rich tradition of wealth management success, Potomac Financial Group (Potomac) was seeking a new identity that better reflected its personal approach to financial care and was an enhanced representation of its organizational culture. They were also looking for a more contemporary brand image that aligned with its leadership’s corporate vision.


Our Solution

Through the use of Paradigm, Truelio’s brand and culture assessment, Potomac’s archetypal DNA was identified and used to create a regionally connected and personal brand that has received raving reviews. The centerpiece of the rebranding initiative was development of a new logo that would resonate with the Maryland region and Potomac client base. After much exploration, the image of a great Blue Heron in flight was selected as a logo treatment. The Heron, an iconic bird in the region that also symbolizes grace, independence, patience, resourcefulness, intelligence and stability, was an organic fit as it represents Potomac’s corporate values and client promise. Potomac’s color palette and typography was strategically developed to align with its archetypal makeup and employee cultural attributes. Additionally, Truelio developed “Find Your Freedom” as the brand’s tagline and core mission of empowering clients to achieve financial independence. The rebrand was accompanied by a comprehensive marketing campaign and subsequent enhancement of all marketing communications and the client experience.

Potomac New Logo