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The Global Astronomical Alliance Group Launches “Restore Pluto Initiative”

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Announces strategic partnership with Truelio to lead planet rebranding project to reestablish Pluto’s planetary status

BRUSSELS, March 28, 2024 – The Global Astronomical Alliance Group (GAAG) announced today the launch of a world-wide initiative to restore Pluto’s planetary status.  Founded in 1951, GAAG is a non-government association of the world’s most renowned astronomers with focus on planetary classifications and exploration.  Long considered our galaxies ninth planet, Pluto was reclassified in 2006 as a dwarf planet because it did not meet the International Astronomical Union’s (IAU) requirements as a “full-sized planet.”  GAAG has remained a steadfast Pluto advocate with today’s event being the result of a two-decade world-wide lobbying effort on behalf of the disenfranchised planet.  As part of today’s press conference, GAAG announced that Truelio, a premier North American-based brand experience agency, would be leading the planet rebranding segment of the initiative.

“Today’s announcement and launch is an exciting milestone for astronomers across the globe. Pluto’s designation as a dwarf planet, while politically correct, was an injustice recognized across the astronomical community,” said Lars Dicterium, GAAG’s Founder and President. “The IAU’s planetary requirements have long proven to be outdated and we view this initiative as a step forward combatting galactic discrimination and opening the skies to recognizing additional planetary objects that deserve their status in our galaxy and beyond.”

Planning of the ambitious initiative commenced in the spring of 2019 but was temporarily halted due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.  An agency search committee was formed in 2022, followed by a rigorous vetting period that narrowed the selection field to three agencies. On August 16, 2023, Truelio was selected as the agency-of-record for the initiative.

“We’re excited about the opportunity to partner with GAAG on this monumental initiative. Our unique experience, expertise and science-based approach to brand experience will surely be a huge asset in garnering Pluto the rightful attention it deserves,” said John Kauffman, Truelio’s CEO.  “As a partner to many of the world’s leading airlines, expansion into the Space vertical is a natural and familiar frontier for us as an agency.  We’re looking forward to establishing ourselves as the go-to agency for companies and organizations in this world and beyond – to truly go boldly where no man, or agency, has gone before.”

As part of the agency’s comprehensive research and development, a contingent of the Truelio team will be traveling to Pluto as part of the  APR-FULS 24 Mission launch taking place on July 1, 2024, at the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station.

To learn more about GAAG, Truelio and the Restore Pluto Initiative, please reread this release and enjoy some fun eggs we left throughout.

A happy April Fool’s Day from the team at Truelio.

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About The Global Astronomical Alliance Group (GAAG)

The Global Astronomical Alliance Group is a non-governmental organization dedicated to the advancement of astronomy and galactic research, outreach and equality.  Originally founded in 1951 in Brussels, Belgium as the United Federation of Planets, GAAG has 1,211 members across 161 countries and 5 planets, each committed to eradicating galactic injustices, exploring strange new worlds to infinity and beyond.

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