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Location-based marketing is a significant part of any digital marketing strategy today. It works incredibly well for retail campaigns and drives in-store visits in restaurants, car dealerships and consumer brand locations across the globe. We have also established additional ways this technology and tactic can work beyond merely driving traffic into storefronts.

There are some questions worth focusing on with this technology, such as “How?” and “Why?”

The creative or offer in the marketing message must be stunning to break through the digital noise on all the devices that keep consumers connected. But what about the data? Are there privacy concerns? These and other questions make it important to understand what location-based marketing is all about today and how you can make the most of this strategy.

How Truelio and GroundTruth Take Location-Based Marketing to the Next Level

Most agencies like to hide the tools of their trade behind a white-label wall. At Truelio, we like to explain to our clients how the proverbial sausage is made. Transparency is a creed that we live by.

Regarding location-based marketing, we have a strategic partnership with a company called GroundTruth. GroundTruth uses a combination of first-party data and mobile device location to target prospective audiences based on where they go in the physical world; it also considers the specific market segments to which those audiences belong. This enables businesses to hyper-target their audiences using consistently accurate and relevant information.

Truelio GroundTruth

How It Works

Let’s say that I am a male in his early 40s who works in the marketing and advertising industry. I like craft beer, the outdoors, great food and Americana music. Also, I geek out on cooking videos on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. So, if there is an opportunity for a craft beer brand to market to me with the IPA du-jour, they have found their match.

But how exactly do they identify me by location? If my device has been near a microbrewery, pub, or package shop, and I fit the targeting criteria, BOOM! The brand, in this case, can advertise to me. If I enter the location that sells their version of the craft beer du-jour, then a store visit occurs within the conversion zone set up within the campaign.

That’s right—analytics shows a probable conversion at the point of sale when there is no connection between campaign attribution and the point-of-sale system within the retail location.

Helping Local Businesses Connect With All Audiences

The partnership between Truelio and GroundTruth aims to supercharge businesses’ location-based marketing efforts. With the ever-changing marketing landscape, including the disappearance of third-party cookies, brands must be able to adapt accordingly. With the help of solutions from Truelio and GroundTruth, you’ll be able to get the best results from your marketing campaigns with the latest innovations.

Whether you’re a smaller business looking to dominate a specific service area or a larger company looking to branch out nationally or internationally, our location-based marketing tools give you what you need to flourish.

Discover the Benefits of Working With Truelio and GroundTruth

There are plenty of ways you can benefit from our solutions to improve your location-based marketing strategy. For example, you can use our inclement weather bid strategy to advertise weather-dependent businesses at the right time. A variety of industries also get the help they need to reach their audiences and drive traffic, including everything from veterinary care to construction.

Do you want to learn more about how our partnership with GroundTruth is revolutionizing location-based marketing for businesses of all kinds? If so, then tune into part two of this series to explore these tools in greater depth.