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In part one of this location-based marketing series, we provided an overview of our partnership with GroundTruth and the advantages of using their technology to revamp marketing strategies. In this second installment of the series, we dive into some specific benefits that our location-based digital marketing solutions offer and explore a few business niches that have experienced those benefits.

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Dynamic Campaigns for Weather-Dependent Businesses

One added benefit that has positively impacted the campaigns we run with GroundTruth is their inclement weather bid strategy. This can be an effective way for car wash locations, sporting events, outdoor music festivals or even parks to adjust or even pause campaigns that are affected by weather events.

For instance, a global golf club manufacturer turned to us for help with its location-based marketing. In developing these campaigns, we needed to geo-target private and public golf clubs in North America to show advertising related to a specific product category to a contextually relevant audience. We found that we could achieve our strategy with a stunning visual static display and video content.

But what happens when it rains or is too cold for play? We would automate our bid strategy to increase our acceptable CPM (cost per thousand impressions) to display on mobile devices at the company’s locations or retail locations that sell the golf brand’s product line. This could include stores like the PGA Tour Superstore. We would then pause our campaigns at golf clubs affected by the weather event.

Helping Veterinary Care Practices Drive Increased Visits

Our team has also found great applications for GroundTruth location-based digital marketing within the veterinary care industry. We advertise online for a chain of veterinary clinics around the southeastern United States. The tools at play for these campaigns include Google Ads for direct response search campaigns, Google Display Network, the Meta Universe (including Facebook and Instagram advertising) and, of course, GroundTruth.

Using these tools, we show ads that communicate the value of the practice between the referenced platforms. We also track conversions using Google Tag Manager event tracking. Next, we push those conversion click activity events, such as click-to-call and click-to-navigate; then we reserve your spot in Google Analytics, which is the bible of our campaign reporting. GroundTruth can also report the store visit metrics because an impression on a mobile device resulted in the targeted customer visiting an actual veterinary clinic location. That’s super cool, right?

Urgent Vet Truelio Ad work

Boosting Sales for Building Products

We use the same approach discussed above for the sale of building products. We provide website development, SEO, and paid media services for several large exterior cladding building product manufacturers.

While one might think that stone veneer or brick is not the sexiest product category in the world, we absolutely love it! Our team has worked to modernize the approach to paid media advertising for building product brands. In the process, we use the same combination of Google, Meta and GroundTruth. At the same time, we display stunning visuals and track in-store conversions in dealer and distributor locations across North America and Canada.

Eldorado Stone, Cultured Stone Truelio Ad Work

Get the Results You Want with Killer Solutions

Location-based digital marketing is constantly evolving. The technologies that power this amazing tool for digital marketers are becoming more robust and effective. Our job as marketers is to use the tool as intended while finding new ways to leverage the technology for our clients.

We constantly dig deep into our creative capabilities to apply stunning aesthetics, competitive offers and strategic solutions to the problems experienced by our clients’ customers. We strive to attract, persuade and convert new business every day. GroundTruth is a big part of this mission. We are thankful for the partnership we share with them as they help us get real results for our clients. Truelio, together with GroundTruth, can develop a customized location-based digital marketing solution that’s right for you.

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